Measuring for Pool Liner Replacement

At some point, pool liner replacement will be on your list of projects that you need to do. A quality liner can offer a pretty impressive lifespan when taken care of properly, often 15 years or longer but at some point; it will need to be retired. It does not matter if you installed the pool or if you purchased the home and the pool was already there, it is highly unlikely that you know the exact size of your current liner.

How to Measure a Pool Liner

Pool liner replacement is not a project that should be jumped into. You cannot eyeball or guess at a liner and hope for the best. Although overlap liners offer a little extra material, if you want one with a design, you will need to go with a beaded or J-hook variety, both of which require you taking precise measurements.

Whether you are dealing with a square or a round pool, the process of measuring is basically the same. You want to determine the diameter of the pool so you will place the measuring tape at the edge of one side and then measure the distance straight across to the other side; this is often easiest to do if you have the help of a second person to get the most accurate results.

The diameter will be the distance of one side to another. Therefore, a measurement of 30 feet would mean that you have a 30-ft pool and that is the size you will need to be looking for when you’re shopping for a pool liner replacement.

Now, in the event that you have a pool that is oval-shaped, measuring is slightly more complex. For these types of pools you need to determine both the width and length since one will be shorter than the other. When you measure, do so from the widest and longest points.

Choosing the Right One

If you are like most, this is likely your first time shopping for a pool liner replacement and you are probably pretty overwhelmed at the selection that is available. How do you know which one you should be buying?

Well, if you have an in ground swimming pool, you more than likely have a beaded liner. However, if you have an above ground, you may have a beaded, J-hook, overlap or expandable variety. You should determine which one you have but you do not have to feel obligated to stay with the same style.

There are many people who have an overlap liner who decide to replace it with a beaded one so that they can purchase a liner with some type of design. As long as you properly install a track, you can transform your current pool to use this type of liner.

On the other hand, if you have a pool that offers a deep end, your selection for a pool liner replacement is limited. You will likely need to stick with an expandable variety. This is the only type of liner that offers the extra material to make up for the depth while remaining smooth throughout. Otherwise, you would need to have one custom made.


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